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'Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside will manifest on the outside.'

My purpose from a very young age has always been to help people and together with my passion and love of people, this has led me to where I am today, a Transformation Coach with Queenformation.

The term ‘Transformation Coach’ speaks for itself – I have transformed and I now achieve success in life with others.  I have overcome my limiting beliefs through embracing and understanding ME - Who I am and what I am capable of achieving as I learn to believe in myself.  I used to define myself by failures in life which ultimately, I would allow to define my personal values – I STOPPED and took a step back to consider my options! We all make mistakes in life but don’t let these mistakes define you or stop you from BEING, DOING and HAVING anything you want in life! 

Do you know and recognise the importance of investing in YOU?

By taking a step back, I realised that I had a choice to either keep doing what I was doing and nothing would change or I choose to invest in myself to allow change for good! By stepping into a world of possibilities and facing my fears in life has led me to a place of success, growth and a continued passion and love to help others.

Fly in The Room Story

I used to be that fly.

I worked soo hard.

But I never achieved what I wanted..


Today I truly trust my Queen within and live an independent life of abundance.

My purpose in life is to guide You on your journey.

It´s never too late!

Don´t ever give up on your DREAMS!

Are you ready to live your dream life and feel good about it?

I am so excited to be here to share this with you so YOU can achieve an incredible and successful version of YOU and all the successes you have ever dreamt of.  You don’t have to continue in a life of limiting beliefs, frustration and overwhelm.  Contact me for a fika (a Swedish coffee) or send me an email and let’s start to make your dreams a reality. 

Become a priority in your life because the only person who gets to decide your worth is you!

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