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We can´t stop aging but we can slow it down.

Already when we turn 30, the aging process in our body starts.

To prevent and to reset our ageing genes to express younger again, we have to go to the source of ageing otherwise it will keep coming back.

There are a lot of creams that can instantly reduce some lines in your face, but they have a very short term effect.

Most antiaging products you´ll find only do something with the symptoms.

They often contain a lot of bad ingredients that are clogging the pores. And then the skin can’t breath, impurities and dead skin can’t come out and good ingredients can’t go in.

We need to do a proper deep cleaning.

Let me introduce you to GALVANIC SPA

The Galvanic Spa machine will help you do that job and much more!

Galvanic currents is a technology which are used for more then 50 years in spa salons for beauty purpose.

Results from using Galvanic Spa on a regular basis

How does a Galvanic spa treatment work?

During the pre-treatment with the clear gel the galvanic spa system is negatively charged and the facial pre-treatment gel is also negatively charged. These negative charges repel each other, driving the pre-treatment gel into the skin. Inside the skin, the pre-treatment binds impurities to the skin.

Anti Aging

The negative galvanic current softens and relaxes pores and dissolves and liquefies sebum to open pores . TEA cocyl glutamate, a cleaning agent, purifies the skin.

The key ingredients of the pre-treatment is:

Marigold extract to comfort, soothen and nurture irritated and inflamed skin.

Sea kelp, which is known for being rich in skin nourishing and conditioning compounds.

Vanilla extract to condition the skin.

All these skin conditioning effects of these natural ingredients soothe the skin and leaves a feeling of being supple and refreshed.

During the second treatment cycle where we use the blue facial gel with ageLOC, both the Galvanic spa and the gel are positively charged. These positive charges repel each other, helping to deliver be beneficial ingredients to the skin. The positively charged instrument attracts the negatively charged impurities, drawing them out of the skin.

Anti Aging Technology

The key ingredients of the second treatment is:

ageLOC, a patented technology that targets our arSuperMarkers, the ultimate source of ageing for younger looking skin today and into the future.

Arginine is an amino acid which helps the skin to recover from stress.

Magnesium, a component that promotes cellular energy

Galvanic treatments work on the basic principle that like charges repel each other and opposite attracts, similar to magnetic poles.

Skin care products are formulated to contain key ingredients which carry a positive and negative charge. The ageLOC Galvanic spa system instruments can be set to have the same charge as the product.

The treatment gels are formulated with ageLOC technology, a patented exclusive anti-ageing ingredients blend.

The treatments facilitate the recovery from stress, promotes cellular energy and they enhances skin hydration and leave skin feeling incredibly soft, clean and refreshed.

The galvanic treatments enhance the delivery of key ingredients for up to 24 hours following a galvanic treatment, including active ingredients contained in subsequently applied advanced anti-ageing products.

The results are visible, even after just one treatment.

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