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But how easy is it NOT to worry in your daily life?

And how easy is it to BE happy?

Well, it ALL starts within you.

What do you focus on?

I used to be a BIG worrier!

If there was anything in my life I could worry about, I did.

It was just like an autopilote that kicked in.

And the people around me who didn´t worry, made me angry...

My childrens father was one of them.

His choice of not worrying about our kids provoked me!

But he was also the person who awakened me in this matter and today we can laugh about it.

I´ve decided to change from Worrier to Warrior

Why not a Warrior of light!

Divorce, 2 bankruptcies..

I also used to focus on my failures in life! (And they were many! The once I didn´t remember I allowed others to remind me about...)

I allowed my mistakes to define my value.

That didn´t make me very happy on the inside...

Sometimes it kept me in bed for days!

Now when I´ve had some help to put on the right glasses and get the picture on HOW to feed my mind I instantly get positive results.

Why don´t we get this knowledge in school?

Do you remember the red marks the teacher made in our schoolbooks?

–I do.

If I had 28 correct answers out of 30 I choosed to focus on the 2 answers that was wrong and marked in RED!! I went through school feeling like a failure. No wonder I quit as soon as I could.

It all starts with a DECISION

I´m not going to worry anymore

I value myself on a higher level and

I choose to be happy, because it is a choice!

I made a huge decision last summer which you can read more about here;

A few weeks ago I made a NEW big decision

I decided to invest in ME this year 2021

I´m studying everyday now and I´ve choosen to learn from the

great Bob Proctor.

I want to learn and understand why I´ve been struggling financially and on personal levels all my life.

One of the first Homework I got in this program was to create a C-goal, not an A-goal or a B-goal, a huge C-goal!

I had no idea there was different kind of goals..

Either you have a goal or you haven´t...

This was something new and I´m on this challenge now.

I can give you a teaser about goals, real goals;

The purpose of a goal is to make you grow.

I promise to share my goal with you when I´ve decided.

What´s the secret to live a HAPPY and successful life?

–I don´t have all the answers….yet!

But I´ve decided to work hard to find them.

I start to understand ONE thing though, if you don´t have a GOAL in life your lost!

Along the way I will keep smiling, giving, helping, loving, laughing and living

Because LIFE is right here and NOW.

I´ve started a group on Facebook, Feelgood & Freedom, where I will share my take-aways from this program and hopefully I can inspire you if you feel stuck in life.

Feel free to join;

A great quote I got from Bob Proctor this week is:

"Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice"

Start today!

There will never be a better time than the present.

Take care and don´t forget to give someone a smile today❤️

Kram från Feelgoodtanten

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