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Everything is POSSIBLE

Uppdaterat: 10 maj 2021

Wether you see your life as good or bad You have infinite POTENTIAL inside of you that you haven´t even been close.

The question is; – Will you open the door to your inner greatness?

Since I opened mine, my life has changed sooo much!

I´ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, and I know I´ve always created the best for my clients and offered great service...

BUT, I´ve never earned good money, it has always been a struggle!

And I never understood why...

I used to do it MY way

..but now when I´m looking at my results in life, that strategi has obviously not been a great one to choose..

My middle name is "stubborn" though, so I wasn´t open to find out another way until I hit rock bottom last year. I was introduced to my current coach Melanie Young through a good friend and once I heard about the Programme that had changed her life I said––Yes, I´m in!

Money blocks

One of the first things I got help to identify through this programme was my huge money blocks.

I actually didn´t think I was worthy earning money...

"What a stupid thing to think", you may think when you read this! And I totally agree with you.

But I wasn´t aware of Me thinking that way, because it was all on a subconscious level.

My educated and logical mind told me I was worthy, but deep down I didn´t believe it.

We´ve been programmed since birth to think in a certain way and it´s very rarely it is in a positive way...

And in the end, your thoughts creates your feelings, your feelings creates your actions and your actions creates your results. On repeat every day..

I was challenged to write a loveletter to money❤️

Not a very common thing to do.

But today I´m coachable and I will do whatever it takes to reach my big goal in life.

And do you know what, while I was doing this exercise, something was released inside of me and I started to cry. And I mean CRY out loud. There has been so much frustration around money in my life and it was time to let go.

There and then I promised myself to stop playing small.

I´m going for my Dreamlife.

From low budget to thinking BIG

When I decided to return my old motorhome to my X-husband I planned to buy an old Mercedes Sprinter and build a home in it for me and my two dogs with a very low budget. I was scared to spend to much money because I didn´t trust my ability to earn new..

So what happened?

2,5 month into this programme I started to work on my Selfimage and my money blocks on a deep level and things started to change rather quickly. I started to manifest money and realised I could finance a much nicer van with a much more generous budget.

So I bought this almoust new Mercedes Sprinter and had some friends to help me drive it down from Sweden to Portugal.

Once you start to believe in yourself and the Universe, everything is possible.


My building team! The two amazing brothers, Diego and Freddy Vargas who will be responsible for this project.

This is going to be an exciting project with a lot of fun!

Where and how shall I sleep?

I´m happy I was born in a small size because that makes it possible to have my bed across like this.

Freddys youngest son Akeli came up with a great idea, a hammock! I´m considering having a hammock as a guestbed.

We came up with some great ideas for this project which I will share with you soon.

We can change

From having a huge selfdoubt and thinking small I have now total faith in myself and my ability to earn as much as I´m willing to believe I´m capable of earning.

–You see that´s the key, if you don´t believe it on a subconscious level it aint gonna happen!

And I´ve made a decision to change my life BIG time. I want my freedom and I know it´s going to happen because I can see it in my mind so then I will hold it in my hand.

The best part, is ALL the humans I will be able to help on my journey.

I´ve had several calls this week with women who is in the same situation as I was.

Stuck financially.

In a trap in their own life.

My job will be to help them imagine and create a total different life.

We are spiritual beings who has the power to create whatever we want in our lifes. Once we understand that, magic starts to happen. –Tell me what you want in life and I´ll show you how to get it.

If I can do it – You can do it.

I´m happy to offer you a free consultation call. Welcome!

Have an amazing week!

Lots of love Feelgoodtanten ❤️

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