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Feelgoodtant with license to COACH

–That´s ME.

I had to turn 55 before I realized what my mission in life was.

I had to hit rock bottom - emotionally, financially and mentally.

Somewhere in this rollercoaster of feelings, a friend told me about a program "Thinking into results" with Bob Proctor.

She had had amazing results in all areas of life and after I had a conversation with her mentor, I decided, there and then to invest in myself.

I had to try something new.

I couldn´t stay where I was any longer.

I needed to change my life and my results, both personally and financially.

I thought I knew it all..

I had worked on my mindset for years, read so many books, attended events, seminars. Listened to podcast´s about mindset, but still, I was stuck.

It seemed like I had all the pieces of the puzzle, but I couldn´t fit them together..

I wasn´t happy with my personal results, my relations, nor my business results.

No matter how hard I worked I didn´t reach what I wanted...

What´s the difference from other Coaching programs?

This program is built on 12 lessons which you work on for 6 months.

It helps you to reprogramme your subconscious mind through repetition.

Put everything in order

What happens when you get access to a program which puts everything in order?

🔴 When you get the tools to identify your paradigms (the things that holds you back in life)

🔴 When you become aware of how you talk to yourself

🔴 How you limit yourself with your thoughts

🔴 How your thoughts controls your results 🔴 When you learn the purpose of a goal

...and so much more.

When I started the Program I got the clarity I needed and rather quickly I got to see results.

I´m starting to live the life I want to have and I´m so excited over my future now that I know where I´m going.

–"Well, it´s like getting the keys to the kingdom"

Who is Bob Proctor?

If you presumably havn´t heard about this inspiring man I can tell you he´s the greatest teacher on the topic Human potential and growth.

He´s been studying this material for 50 years.

When he started he was unhappy, sick and broke.

Today he´s happy, healthy and wealthy.

Half way through the program I decided;

–"This is what I want to do for the rest of my life"

I want to help others who´s stuck in life as I was.

My brand Feelgoodtanten

The last 4,5 years I´ve branded myself as Feelgoodtanten

I want to help people

Feel good and get more Freedom in life

My former businesspartner was Nuskin and I loved the products from day one.

I also loved helping/coaching others who wanted to work with me.

I just didn´t realize that my passion for people wanted me to go ALL IN as a coach.

Not until I learned about this material and how it totally changed my life, I woke up.

Now my mission is to teach and help others to develop and grow in all areas of their life through this Program.

I´ll be happy to invite you to our free community where we all work together to achieve more in our lives.

If you want to book a free consultation where I can answer your questions and tell you more, please find a suitable time HERE

This Program is changing my life and many others and it can change yours!

I wish you an amazing day and don´t forget to take care of yourself.

Kram Feelgoodtanten

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