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From Beach House to a Motor Home

If someone had told me this a year ago I

would have laughed.

But today it is a fact.

I live.

I work.

I dream.

-in a motorhome.

And I dont wish for anything else right now.

This is exactly what I needed.

My own space in a very minimal way with my Frankie Boy.

I choose this now.

Because I can´t go back.

A warm summerday in july 2020 I left my home by the sea

The purpose was just to get a way for a while. Away from opinions, lies and doubts. And then go home again...

But days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months..

Funny how quickly you adapt to a new life situation with new routins. I can do great without my coffee maker, my smoothie machine and all other stuff.

The luxury of finding yourself new spots out in the wilderness. Find a new lake to swim in or just take a shower outside the van. It´s been such a valuable experience and I´m so grateful to myself because I dared to stay with only me, my feelings and my limited believe in me.

Work from a Motor Home

I did a choice 2016, to join a Networkmarketing company called Nuskin Enterprises. I used to run Toy-shops in Stockholm for 17 years. But as internet commerce grew, sales declined.

When I look back to all theese years I realise how tied I was to my stores.

Today I have the freedom to work from anywhere as long as I have wi-fi. But it´s still a job which needs to be done and I dislike all posts where you read about Networkmarketing in only a glamorous way. On the beach, by the pool, at a bar with a glas of cava in one hand and your mobile in the other...

It´s a struggle, whatever business you decide to start. The positive thing with MLM is that

you´re not alone. You´ll have a mentor that will help you forward.

For ME it´s all about YOUR needs!

  • You might just need help with a good skincare product.

  • You already love the products and want to share with your friends.

  • You need to earn an extra income for some reasons.

  • You want to have your own business and leave the job you currently have.

Whatever reasons you have I´m here to listen and help the best I can

What are YOU willing to sacrifice in life?

That´s the first question you need to answer before you commit and set your goals.

Maybe you can sacrifice an hour a day of

  • Scrolling on social media?

  • Chatting with friends

  • Watching Netflix

I recommend you to read my brothers Story, what he had to sacrifice to reach his goal when he was 20 years old.

If you keep doing what you do today - your life will look exactly the same in 10 years

That´s what I realised this summer when I spent all that time with myself in my Motorhome.

What more do I want to achieve in life? Am I truly happy? Where does all the anger inside me come from?

I put my business on hold and started to work on ME. It was like a tsunami of feelings that rolled over me.

Not only you have to deal with the battle in your own head, you also have to deal with your loved ones who doesn´t understand what you do and why you do it..

I´m so grateful today for my life

I live day by day and watch my small business grow slowly thanks to all amazing people I´ve surrounded with. I know that what I want to achieve in life I cant do on my own and it will take time.

But I promised myself to enjoy every minute.

It´s all about never giving up and make sure to Feelgood along the way.

Take care of yourself and welcome to contact me for a free consultation

Kram från Feelgoodtanten

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