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How is LIFE in a motorhome after 187 days?

I left Sweden to avoid the cold winter.

I arrived to Portugal 12 december 2020 and was met by rain, rain and more rain!

Then the coldest winter came that Portuguese people experienced for many, many years...

And why not add on a total lockdown upon that!

Well I sure had reasons to work on my mindset..

The heater in the van still doesn´t work properly which means the temparature inside sometimes is below 15 degrees..

Or maybe it´s my relationship to "ALDE heating system" which is the real problem.

I can´t motivate myself to work on that relation. Instead I feed my mind with;

–Warmer weather is on it´s way!

Frankie was upgraded to Master bedroom

Because of the freezing temperature I invited him to my bed.

And he sure is the best living heater with 4 curly legs, cosy fur and so much love.

Since we moved to our motorhome, he´s been sleeping on the floor in his dog bed but now he has his own down blanket and he will never accept being downgraded to the floor again!

Watch the shape of his tounge.

He is LOVE❤️

When are you coming home?

This is a question I often get from my friends and family.

I understand why they ask.

It´s not "normal" to just leave.

I only know I did the right thing for me.

I´m here to learn about myself.

I´m here to GROW.

Walk a mile in my shoes

before you critize and accuse.

What if I´m not coming back..

What if this is my new HOME

What if I don´t need to have all the answers...

Welcome home to me and Frankie Boy

I´ll take you for a free tour in our home.

Life in a motorhome with it´s HIGH & LOW.

Our livingroom, diningroom and office.

View from my office;)

My tiny little kitchen which has a very small menu of meals... I really need to upgrade my cooking or I will end up looking like an avocado, tomato or an orange!

ME, my bathroom and my SPA area;)

View from our bedroom.

One of thoose days when our home is not that "perfect"..

When you need to wash and the rain will not stop raining!

Reading my favourite book, listen to favourite music and the rain on top of the roof.

I really recommend this book if you want to get to know YOU. The untethered soul, the journey beyond yourself written by Michael A Singers

"When it can no longer protect you , you experience great fear and panic. However, you´ll find that if you´re willing to face that sense of panic, there is a way to go past it. You can go further back into the consciousness that is experiencing it, and the panic will stop. Then there will be a great peace, like nothing you´ve ever felt."

I live small and DREAM big

I fall and I rise.

I let my self cry and I feel sorrow.

Then I pick up my dream again and keep going.

A few days ago I listened to a very inspiring woman:

"You matter, you can make a difference. The true power doesn´t come from someone else, you were born with it.

And it has always been rightfully yours.

Your greatest power, your ability to choose




Authentic power can never be taken from You."

Last week I found a parking spot with a lovely view. We stayed until we ran out of water.

So, LIFE in a motorhome can be absolutely wonderful...

-but it can also be cold, wet, lonely and scary.

It´s up to me how I choose to frame it.

Today I´ve felt isolated and sad with a longing for my children and grandchildren in Sweden..

Tomorrow I will choose to see the birds dancing in the sky again.


I´m here to empower myself.

I´ve made mistakes and I´m learning to forgive myself.

Most of all, I´m grateful.

There is so much to be grateful for and I keep writing it down every day. As long as I stay in the vibration of gratitude there is no room for negativity.

Take care of You.

Lots of Love Marie


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