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I´ve adopted a dog here in Portugal!

I hope this is a valid excuse for being quiet in here for some time..;)

I´ve always wanted more than one dog, but my life situation hasn´t allowed it.

Until now.

Now, when I only have to ask me and no one else.

I got in contact with a shelter called Amira and visited them a rainy saturday in february.

I had never visited a shelter before and didn´t know what to expect...

I was guided around by one of the volunteers, to look at all the dogs.

I got very emotional because Ana (the volunter) told me about the circumstances in the shelter.

The dogs are only taken out for short walks on saturday and sunday when the volunteers are coming to help. For the rest of the week they spend their days in outdoor cages and only get feed once a day.

I wanted to save them all!

But I met Bubblie❤️

And I think she choosed me rather than I choosed her.

When I heard her sad story I just decided I wanted to give her a good life and all my love. She spent her life, 4 year, chained in a dark garage and after that she spent 5 month in the shelter...

We were allowed to go for a short walk together with Ana, and Bubblie immediately showed herself to be a very friendly and loving dog.

I have a great respect for how they run the shelter despite limited resources. They are really doing an amazing job.

I had to go through a careful process with documents before I was approved as an adopter of Bubblie. They want to make sure their dogs get a new loving and long-term home.

Her first walk with me, she ran out to the grass and started to eat...and stopped whenever she heard something unfamiliar....which was almost everything...

She was laying with her head in my knee for an hour just looking at me, stressed and confused over what was happening in her life...

The last thing Ana said before she left us was;

"–She needs time"..

She also needed a bath...

She is a curious dog..

Compactliving and tired Bubblie;)

Bubblie in one end of our motorhome...

..and Frankie in the other end..

Inside the van the logistic is challenging!

Outside they can be close without any problem at all...

I guess they just need time.

Frankie needs to understand that Bubblie has come to stay.

Bubblie has to understand there is no competition.

Enough with love and food for both.

I am so happy I made this decision even if it comes with a LOT of work because of all the fears she´s carrying.

This dog is LOVE and GRATITUDE.

And she teaches me the secret of letting go of the past.

Stay in the present.

Be grateful for what you´ve got.

There is no pity about her anymore.

It really relates to the studying I´m on now with the programme; Thinking into results with Bob Proctor

–Let go of the past and design your future with the right thoughts.

I guess Bubblie decided when she met me that

–"NOW is my time, my new happy future!"

I´m so happy and grateful for her trust in me. To be continued.

Take care out there!

Kram från Feelgoodtanten❤️

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