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It all starts with a DECISION..

What do you want in life? Have you ever asked yourself that question looking into your eyes in the mirror?

Once I started with mindfulness and practiced this exercise I realized that I lied to myself..

I wanted it to work so much that I told myself a lie!

I finally realized I had enough of trying to change my husband...

We didn´t agree about how to take care of oneself and that became a frustration.

It didn´t do HIM any good and it didn´t do ME any good.

So I made a decision.'

I drove away in our motorhome.

Of course I didn´t know then what I would do, but I knew I didn´t want to continue living my life as I did.

Decisionmaking might be one of the hardest thing for many people and without this skill you will stay where you are.

After that first decision, my life continued as a Dominorally with decisions.

Sometimes I had to make them so fast and realized afterwards it wasn´t the best decision...

But that´s how it is when you start to make decisions.

Some of them will make you proud and some of them will teach you a lesson

It is what it is.

It wont do you any good to blame yourself for the decisions you´ve made..

It is what it is.

If I hadn´t been brave enough to make that decision in july 2020 I wouldn´t have got to know ME.

I hadn´t done that "deep cleansing" within ME.

I probably would kept living as a victim of circumstances, which I´ve done all my life.

I sure hadn´t challenged my fear of driving on my own to Portugal.

(You can read that story here.)

Do you know how many who tried to convince me to go back?

How can anyone else know what is best for me?

What is best for my husband?

What is best for us?

How come that we judge and think we know so much about other people.

What gives us the right to tell anyone else how to live their lives..

I´m happy today and grateful for my courage and I know that one day my X-husband will be happy and grateful for me leaving him.

Why do I write this?

Because many women have written to me and asked how and why?

Women who wants more in life but don´t know where to start..

I loved my husband.

He is a wonderful man.

But still I wasn´t happy..

Who is responsible for my happiness?

It sure isn´t my husband.

It´s my responsibility.

I made a decision to leave and I´ve probably learned more about myself during theese 8 months than I´ve done through my whole life.

It all starts with a decision.

Every journey starts with a single step.

Stop asking other people about what YOU shall do.

Not your best friend, not your mum, cousin or neighbour.

Start asking yourself;

–What do You WANT?

Stand in front of the mirror while you ask yourself.

When the same thoughts and answers keep coming over and over again, act on them!

If I can make a change.

So can You.

Every journey starts with a single step.

Maybe it´s time to quit from that job you don´t like.

Or move to a new place.

Get to know You and give yourself some love.

Travel around the world.

Start your own business.

Start studying.

Leave your partner..

Whatever you choose to do,

Take care of You❤️

Kram Feelgoodtanten

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