The importance of giving back!

Before I "converted" to Feelgoodtanten

I was Leksakstanten

I ran a toy store in Stockholm with a purpose of giving my clients an extra ordinary happy experience when they visited. Young or old. Tall or small. Black or white. Rich or poor...

Everyone were welcome to visit and get the warmest welcome and a happy smile. Many kids had it as a routine to come by after school. Say hello, get a glas of juice and stroll around for a while.

We arranged birthday parties for our regulars and we had VÅRKALAS and HÖSTKALAS every year.

Happy events with a lot of fun going on for kids and families.

This is all lovely memories which I hope still is a part of many kids childhood in Bromma, Stockholm. I wanted to make a difference in their lifes with my store as an open venue.

Today I want to add more Feelgood into peoples life

I work together with a company called Nuskin Enterprises.

Why I choosed them is because they have the same values as me.

They do business with their heart and their mission is to be a Force for Good in the world.

Not only they serve us the most innovative and clean health- and skincare products which make such a difference for both people and our environment.

They also started Force for Good foundation

Without giving children the chance to grow up healthy, with opportunities to improve their lives and their situations, our global community suffers. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, together with our global charity partners, recognize this and are doing something about it.

Check out the ways we’re creating smiles and hopes for a brighter future.

Two different ways of becoming a Force for Good today;

1. Choose Epoch products

Epoch is a brand produced by Nuskin and the famous ethnobotanist Dr Paul Alan Cox.

He lived with his family for many years around the world, among many places, Samoa was one, where he learned everything about herbs, flowers and plants from the indigenous people.

That knowledge he brought with him to USA one day with the purpose to give back and help through producing a brand with clean products.

His idea was brilliant and he started to look for a company in the skincare industry who were interested to cooperate.

Of course they were all interested.

But Paul Cox had two requirements:

  1. They had to follow his formula, without any exception or adding fillers etc.

  2. They had to give back 10 cent per sold product to the indigenous people.

They all turned him down and said; "It´s impossible to make any profet with these conditions"

Paul Cox almost gave up on his idea and thought nobody would accept...

But then Nuskin turned up and before he even told them about his idea and all products, he asked;

–Are You willing to give back to parts in our world that is suffering from natural disasters, epidemics, etc? The owners of Nuskin had been looking for different ways of becoming a Force for Good in the world and answered:

–Of course but we will NOT give 10 cent per sold product, we want to give 25 cent!

Nuskin and Paul Cox has cooperated ever since and today there is many amazing products under the brand Epoch. We often call theese products our home pharmacy because many of them heal and nourish your skin, thanks to the fine ingredients from flowers, herbs and plants.

2. Feed a child with Vitameal - Nourish the Children

Vitameal is the most important product in our webshop. You can easy add Vitameals to your shopping cart, but please make your order as an ADR, which means a child is given food every month and not only one month..

VitaMeal is nutritious food developed by Pharmanex® experts and reputable specialists for the specific needs of malnourished children. Each bag of VitaMeal contains 30 baby portions.

VitaMeal is produced in Malawi, an African country that has suffered from terrible famine and poverty. The product is specially developed to match the cultural preferences on site as well as the local access to crops.

I welcome you to become a Force for Good either through our fantastic epoch products or with Nourish the children. Hopefully you choose booth;)

My entrepreneurship with Nu Skin gives me - and others - the opportunity to help children, who are starving in parts of the world that need our help.

If you´re interesting in helping one child or more, please let me know and I will help you to get your ID-number and start today.

HERE you can read why Nourish the Children is such a unique project.

You´re more than welcome to book a free consultation online where I can answer your questions about Force for Good and Nourish the children

Do you want to take a look at our Epoch products in my webshop? Welcome

Take care.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kram från Feelgoodtanten

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