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My journey to Portugal in a motorhome

Why did I choose Portugal?

Well, after reading several blogs about what country to choose when you want to get away from darkness, cold weather and Jantelagen, I realized Portugal was the place for me.

But it was a process in so many ways. Self doubts and fear appeared right the moment I started to visualise this journey.

– Can I as a woman do the journey to Portugal all by myself, driving a motorhome that

I don´t know much about how to fix if somethings goes wrong....

Well, I had a choice, either to listen to all this voices in my head who´s been chatting extremely loud the last few monthes...or I could continue on my inner journey and grow.

More about that in my last post

Many of you have asked me to share my journey, so here it is!

Leaving Gothenburg with Butterfly Feeling

I´ve never driven outside Sweden...

–Sorry, that was a lie. When I was 18 and went to London as an AuPair I came to a family who held me with my own car to drive in left-hand traffic.... BUT I´m not 18 anymore and my brain talks me out of so much more now than it did 37 years ago...

However, I did it!

The ride over Öresundsbron got very emotional. Leaving family and friends. Leaving Sweden behind, for I don´t know how long. This is not only a physical travel, it´s an emotional challenge in so many ways.

Day 1. Gothenburg - Lystbådehavn, Saksköbing 440km

I had made an itinerary and my first stop was Saksköbing in Denmark. Another motorhome was already there and lucky me, because it turned out that I had a challenge with the electricity and the husband was an electrician! They were a very nice Danish couple who was very friendly and encouraging.

Lystbådehavn is a place I really recommend if you travel south through Denmark. Beautiful and quiet both day and night.

Day 2. Saksköbing - Lubeck 141km

I had booked the ferry from Rödby to Puttgarden at 12.20 so I had time for a nice dogwalk with Frankie before we left. But then he was eager to continue on our adventure.

Frankie Boy, my very best friend. Always by my side.

We also made a stop in Maribo which was a lovely, small village.

Reality of Corona hit me on the ferry!

I had forgotten to bring a face mask, so I made the best out of what I had..

When we arrived to Lubeck I didn´t find a place which felt safe for the night so I challenged me and drove another 400km to Dortmund where I had a place to stand overnight.

But first we had a wonderful walk through Lubeck.

Arrived Durrwang, Dortmund 10 pm in darkness and had again problem with electricity..

Woke up freezing at 5.30 am. Probably not more than 10 degrees inside!

After a quick breakfast and a walk with Frankie we were on our wheels again.

I just hadn´t thought about RUSH HOUR!

Because I´ve promised myself to park safe every night I drove away from the highways and now I ended up in a german morning chaos. Driveways and exits in Europe are just not the same as in Sweden...

I was deep breathing myself through that early morning challenge. It was dark and I can´t read Google maps in my mobile without glasses...

Suddenly I found ourself back on track again. Don´t ask me how??

Day 3. Dortmund - Pont-a-Mousson, France 383 km

A lot of road work through Germany which lead us in through this small town, Prum. Snow and rain was the theme of the day.

Arrived to an old and small village in early afternoon. I was soo tired and after a walk through the village I felt asleep. Nice view over the river and houseboats.

Day 4. Pont-a-Mousson - Prahecq 750km...

I had planned to drive 579 km to Tours, but something happened. I had a friend in my ears keeping me company and I must have missed the exit road... I can´t blame Google maps for this!

I realised I had already driven so far that I could just as well keep going and look for a new place to spend the night. I found a camping 40 km away but when I arrived it was requiring a membership which I of course didn´t have...

Looked up a new place 30 km south of this camping. I was really tired and when Google directed me in to a small, dark road I just followed...

Which I of course shouldn´t have done.

There was nothing close to a motorhome parking. We ended up on a construction site and the road was so narrow. Just a few cm from getting stuck!

Please help me out of here!

I had some snacks to lift my positive energy level before I continued.

Found a new motorhome parking another 40km away which had really good recommendations, so off we went!

And what happens when we arrive?

CLOSED for the season! I couldn´t believe it.

I drove around the area and decided it was a harmless little french village. Found an empty parking where I stopped and fell asleep right away.

The village we woke up in was called Prahecq. Frankie and I had a nice early walk while the sun was rising. New day. New energy. New faith. Keep going.

A new day a new challenge

In Sweden Diesel is called Diesel and nothing else. In France they just had to make it extra complicated. And I can tell you I wasn´t ready to guess even if the most logic was Gazole..

I drove away and parked to google the answer.

And Yes, in France they call Diesel; Gazole!

Day 5. Prahecq - San Sebastian 430km

HALLO SPAIN! Here we come. Where is everyone? In the center of San Sebastian I found this parking for motorhomes. Close to restaurants and cafes...But it didn´t help because everything was closed!

Palms, rain and empty streets. That´s my take away from San Sebastian in Spain.

Day 6. San Sebastian - Zamora 433km

Frankie travel safe and cousy on a nice and warm sheepskin fur from Sweden.

I wish sometimes I was a dog. What an easy life. Not much sorrow in his life.

Arrived to Parking de Valorio in Zamora Spain and spend the night there. Located next to a nice big park which was perfect for Frankie. He met some Dogfriends but he´s like me, hard to communicate in Spanish so we continued towards Portugal.

Day 7. Zamora, Spain - Porto, Portugal 304km


I still try to find the right words for how I felt when I drove over the border to Portugal. Such a relief. I did it!

Never doubt. Just BELIEVE.

We arrived to this blue gate early afternoon. Behind it was an empty camping. We were the only guests there. I spoiled myself with a nice and hot shower before we went to visit the ocean.

From one sea to another

Frankie was more than happy!

Finally he could run by the ocean.

We stayed in Porto for 2 days and I don´t think I ever have experienced so much rain.

She believed she could so she did.

I drove to Portugal!

Amazing what we can manage when we really want something.

Let´s write the next chapter in my life.

I know I have a lot of challenges ahead of me.

But I´ve decided to stay in gratitude, love and faith.

After Porto I drove to Nazare

The place to be when you love surfing. I learned that this is the spot with the biggest waves.

People are coming here to surf from all over the world.,

I didn´t know because I´m not a surfer.

Beautiful Catholic church in Nazare from the 14th century.

I love the view from my home.

We might stay here for a while.

I´m on a journey with Me.

Focus on forgiveness and gratitude.

And challenging myself writing in english.

Hope you´re fine in Sweden or wherever you are in the world reading this blog.

Kram från Feelgoodtanten

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