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One of my bad HABITS

I used to allow people to question me and my decisions...

I explained and excused myself.


It´s a bad habit I carried with me from my childhood.

I didn´t allow myself to say a simple No.

I always explained why I said no....

Difference between men and women?

I don´t know if there is a difference between men and women in this matter.

But I believe it´s more common among women, that we explain ourself, upside down, inside out.

Why can´t we just give an answer without explaining;

- why we feel like we do

-why we do as we do

-why we don´t like something

-why we love someone

-why we don´t love someone

-why we say NO!

I´m challenging myself now to give a short, simple answer, with love❤️

This is a good way

When I don´t answer quick enough on emails, messenger or sms, I appologize!

"Sorry for my late reply....bla bla bla..."

A good friend of mine recently shared what her mentor adviced;

–"Don´t appologize! Don´t explain!"

Instead write;

–"Thank you for your patience...."

I love that and I will start to practice it right away.

Live inside out

All this really relate to the program I´m on with Bob Proctor.

In school, we learn about the five physical senses we share with the rest of the animal kingdom—the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. If we let theese senses run our lifes, we live from outside - in and we will be distracted, disappointed, upset, worried, unhappy and not very successful in our lifes....

We were never taught about our mental faculties that separate us from the other animals.

–Our mental muscles;







If we learn how to use theese we can live from inside - out.

It makes so much sense for me.

I now understand why my mind has been in total chaos and why I´ve made decisions through life that I´m not proud of.

Why I´ve always found it difficult to focus...

Learning this is like turning on the light in a dark room.

I´m so excited because once we take control of our lifes, we can have anything we want.

My lovely dogs knows how to focus!.....on candy;)

Focus on what you want in life

Today I train my WILL to focus on what I want more of in my life.

Bob Proctor gave an advice of how you can

develop the skill of will.

Light a candle and focus on the flame!

Keep focus.

When you get disrupted, go back to the flame.

Practise this over and over again and you will strengthen this mental muscle, the WILL.

I want to live a happy life

My dogs make me happy every day

PERCEPTION = point of view

When I change my perception I change my point of view.

I´m learning how to look upon things from a different perspective.

I´ve stopped telling myself I have a bad MEMORY, it´s been weak for different reasons and

I´m going to strengthen it.

REASON, my ability to think.

I often get new ideas and thoughts coming to me. Some good and some bad. I´m working on keeping the good and let go of the negative thoughts.

Before I started to study this program; Thinking into Results with Bob Proctor, I used to choose my thoughts based on my earlier results and that made me feel bad, which caused my negative actions, which ended up in negative results....

IMAGINATION is one of our most valuable resources.

Everything is built on imagination. First in your mind, then in the outside world.

I visualise how I want to live my life and I know it´s going to happen.

Last but not least, INTUITION

When I´m aware and grounded I can pick up energy from people around me, good and bad.

And that takes me back to where I started.

People who question me and my choices I simply don´t keep in my life.

They´re welcome back when they have the will to look upon things from a different perspective and stop judging.

My purpose is to follow my heart❤️

Take care of You.

Kram Feelgoodtanten

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