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The power of NOW

The joy I feel inside of me today is difficult to describe, it´s like being filled with sweet, bubbly lemonade! (or champagne if you prefer;)

I´ve connected to my heart.

I´m feeling playful, loving and I´m flirting with everything.

I even flirt with money.

Because money is energy and I can choose to attract it or I can choose to push it away.

For me the choice is easy.


Because today I´ve reached an understanding how everything is connected.

A knowledge I didn´t even know excisted 6 month ago...

Once I decided to live in the present and also change my way of thinking, my whole life changed.

Bubblie and Frankie ❤️

Let GO

I used to let my earlier results in life define my value.

I used to let my failures in life limit my dreams and beliefs.

I used to let other peoples oppinions run my life.

I used to be so frustrated and I was convinced that the reason for my frustration did not belong inside of me..

But guess what?

It did.

It always does.

We are always responsible for our own wellbeing and happiness.

I´ve been so busy creating my own beliefs through life that I´ve actually kept myself from true happiness.

To the outside world I´ve always been a happy soul.

Inside there has been darkness and sadness.

But now I know how to let go of the past.

Life is so GOOD

Waking up with a grounded smile on my face listening to my Powerlifescript.

Continue with gratitude and studying.

Dancing with my loving dogs and do my affirmations in the mirror.

Then an hour walk in stunning nature.

Theese routins puts me up on the right frequency.

The frequency that holds everything I want.

I watch myself making decisions that brings me higher and higher in my own beliefs and I start to manifest both money and love.

The best part is that I can focus on my passion, which is helping people.

I am so honored to be a part of my clients journey and help them through this amazing Programme by Bob Proctor with the purpose to achieve more in life.

If you have watched ´the Secret´movie, you have seen Bob Proctor.

Then you´ve also heard about the Law of attraction.

"Where focus goes energy flows"

So focus on what you want in life.

When you do, you will be chocked to experience all good that will appear.

Amazing people keep coming into my life without me reaching out to them.

Only by choosing my state of mind.

My first interview in a Podcast

Recently I was asked to be a guest in a swedish podcast called ´Lyckas i livet´ and share my story. I was so honored and grateful for sharing my journey with a new audience.

If you want to listen you find the episode here

Coaching from a blue BUS

Last week I saw my HYMER motorhome go back to Sweden while I moved into ´Blue Dream Ericeira´

An old Bus from 1981 rebuilt to a nice, cosy cabin.

From this cool spot I create my future while I enjoy every second.

My first evening in the bus.

My view to the other direction..;) Everything is possible!

I´m working as a Success coach in the Manifest Academy, helping others create more freedom in their life.

I will keep dreaming and living without any borders.

Keep practice selflove and be completely happy and safe with Me.

And I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Me filling ME up with more bubbly lemonade;)

Our true nature is happiness.

But we keep telling us "stories" that holds us back

The only thing that stands in our way for true happiness is our mind.

Go after what you really want in your life because you deserve it.

––"Tell me what you want in life and I will show you how to get it!"

With Love Marie❤️

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