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I´m in love with most of Nuskin´s products but I want to know what YOU need.

Which products do you use on a daily basis?

Are you 100% satisfied with the brand you use today?

Maybe you just use soap and water..

Even if I don´t recommend anyone to use soap in your face, it´s all up to you.

Epoch polishing bar - a soap-free cleaning Perhaps an alternative?

If you´re happy I´m happy!

But if you feel the slightest dryness or irritation in your skin and want a change...

Let´s Talk!

Let´s take a look at some of our categories:

Our most innovative Home Spa Beauty Devices

  • Lumispa

  • Galvanic Spa

  • Body galvanic Spa

  • Lumispa Accent

Already when we turn 30, the aging process in our body starts.

To prevent and to reset our ageing genes to express younger again, we have to go to the source of ageing otherwise it will keep coming back.

There are a lot of creams that can instantly reduce some lines in your face, but they have a very short term effect.

With theese beauty devices you can receive amazing results overtime, thanks to the research and unique technology behind the products.

But don´t even think aboyt Quick FIX here!

They will not do you any good if you don´t use them on a regular basis.

So before you decide to invest in yourself, WILL YOU BE CONSISTENT USING THEM?

There is a product for everyone

As long as you´re someone who shower and brush your teeth once in a while...?

So why shall you pay the extra for a different toothpaste or showergel?

The answer to that question is simple:

-I guess you brush your teeth for a reason, right?

Yes, you want them to get clean and you want to protect them against plaque.

Maybe, just maybe, you also appreciate a white smile in the mirror?

That´s the bonus and the beauty. It´s a product free from fillers that really makes a difference.

For YOU and for our environment.

Showergel then.

What´s so good about this showergel and Liquid body bar, except they smell wonderful?

They come without fillers, a real concentrate with good ingredients which don´t make your skin dry. It will make you feel nice and fresh and it will last for monthes!

Are You a person who always choose organic skincare products?

Then I would like you to look into our ethnobotanical range EPOCH

Epoch is developed by Dr. Paul Alan Cox who is one of the world's foremost ethnobotanists and specializes in how indigenous peoples use plants. He is also one of Nuskin's researchers. One of their eloquent slogans "All of the Good and none of the bad" says it all.

Every ingredient is there for a reason.

For each sold Epoch product, Nuskin donates 25 cent to a non-profit organisation called Force For Good

Are You looking for a basic skincare system?

Let´s talk Nutricentials!

The basic line for all skintypes.

You will love it and your family and friends too.

AgeLoc - Rolls Royce in antiageing skincare system

A unique technology building on Epigenetic

This range will help you age with a youthful skin much longer.

For your nails only!

The best manicure in a little box.

Nourishing mascara and moisturizing Powerlips!

I guess you use mascara sometimes and maybe even some colour on your lips?

Let me tell you why our mascara is one of the best in the market and what made me start to use lipstick after 53 years without;)

Yes, that´s correct, I had never used colors on my lips because I never felt comfortable. Today I can´t live without it. Just the pure happiness when people actually tell me that my colorful lips makes them smile!

But I need to be honest, I didn´t start with RED & PINK, I wasn´t that brave, I went for a color called Percistence, which is soft, soft pink....

I offer you a free consultation online.

You will then receive personal recommendations based on your needs.

You´re also welcome to join our next free Feelgoodinar online where I show you how our Beautydevices works and what difference they make.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kram från Feelgoodtanten

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