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When life gives you Lemon – make lemonade!

I woke up and realized I lived in a motorhome.


What I had planned to be something temporarily, ended up to be my reality 24/7..

Me & Frankie, a black poodle and a white Hymer motorhome.

How did it happen?

I left my home by the beach, 1 hour from Stockholm in july, after another argument about alcohol...

I thought if I disappear for a few weeks it could be like a wake-up-call...

But it didn´t work out that way.

I understood that I can only be

responsible for me. I can never change anyone else.

I changed my mindset, slowly..

How do you change the way you think about yourself, your loved ones, your past, your present and your future?

Well, you don´t do it overnight.

I started to take control slowly over my thoughts and feelings through a great book, "the unthethered soul, the journey beyond yourself" written by Michael A Singer

I needed to be aware of HOW my history limited me in all situations.

I listened to great podcast´s

Lisa Nichols,

Kyle Cease,

Her table

I also found my PT in awareness through Ad adventum

I started to dream again, halleluja!

Gratitude is the key for great lemonade

I became grateful for having a motorhome to stay in while I was in a war with my feelings, my thoughts and my limited believes..

Why did it scare me in the beginning, to keep living in our motorhome?


You don´t do that. You stay. You work it out. In your real home. Behind the facade. Together...

But what if the "together"-thing doesn´t work for me anymore?

I started to accept my own truth and let go of guilt, shame and everything that others tried to apply on me.

I needed to learn how to stand in my decision whatever stormy emotions I met.

How magical is life in a motorhome november in Sweden..?

Not at all...

I rather dream of something warmer. Why not Portugal..

I started to follow an inspirational Swedish couple, Anna & Roger and their LIFESTYLE BLOG

They´ve lived permanently in their motorhome since 2018 and their dream is to find a TinyHouse in Portugal. Follow them for great inspiration!

I came to the conclusion that if my situation is to be durable in the long run, I need to go south where it´s warmer. I started to dream of driving to Portugal!

I´ve never been driving through Europe, can I do that?

Oh, yes I can!

If other people does it.

I can do it.

Frankie may be my map reader.

Let´s make a Dreamy Portugese Lemonade!

See you soon and Take care out there.

Kram från Feelgoodtanten

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