Why Networkmarketing?

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I´ve been a struggling traditional entrepreneur my whole life.

During 17 years I ran Toystores in Stockholm, Sweden. Before I even had opened my first shop 1999, I had a debt of 50 000€

That´s very common when you choose to start a traditional company. You need to invest money and time. And of course there is no guarantee you will succeed.

When e-commerce increased, I lost sales every year and finally I gave up 2016.

So, when I got in contact with Networkmarketing, I saw three things that was important for me:

  1. There were no financial investment required.

  2. I where offered to represent one of the leading global companies in personal care products and nutritional supplements without any investment.

  3. I understood that if I worked smart for a few years I could create leverage and reach my freedom through this innovative business platform.

Of course my mind started spinning with thoughts like, "to good to be true" , "pyramid scheme"...

Do your research

I did my research and found out that Nu Skin was officially listed in the New York Stock Exchange, which means it´s all legal.

They´re also ranked very high among other MLM-companies and their mission is to become #1 in Direct sales and skin care, and wellness industries. Nu Skin was also named one of the “100 most trustworthy companies” in the U.S. by Forbes

The most important thing for me was to find out about their values.

And BINGO! I could tick in every box. This company has a BIG heart.

Read more about their innovative Social project Nourish the Children

There I was with an opportunity in front of me that could be my ticket to FREEDOM.

For me it was an easy decision. I only had to find out if I liked their products and then start to invest my time.

Lucky me, I Love the products and I´m so proud each time I have the chance to show and demonstrate the difference.

For someone else it might be a difficult decision. It all depends on who you are.

Ask yourself; –What do you want more of in life? Time? Money? Or both? Take a look at the Cashflow Quadrant and tell me where you are and where you want to be.

I committed without knowing everything.

I learned during my journey.

And I will be forever grateful for my decision. Not only I´ve had great results with the products, I´ve also learned so much about myself. I thought I knew what it takes to be an entrepreneur...

How little did I know!

I have big goals

Even if I didn´t have to invest money before I started, I needed to use the products. I were free to choose what interested me. No start packages.

It was important for me having my own experience to be able to recommend and be trustworthy to others.

I know that theese kind of products are what most people are looking for

– a brand that really makes a difference.

My goal is to help as many as possible to connect with this brand because in the end it also makes a huge difference for our environment.

"All of the good and none of the bad"

My big goals with my company is to be able to help my children and my grandchildren financially. And also have the choice to spend as much time as I want with them without asking permission from a boss.

Many people ask me "What do you do?"

The answer is –I´m a Connector!

I connect people to an innovative business platform where they either can earn an extra income or build a big business.

But most of all I connect customers to innovative skincare and health products. I help them to register in our webshop and find out their needs in a free consultation.

If you appreciate products that really works and makes a difference, both to you and to our environment. Then we need to talk!

I would love to help you because this is my PASSION

-to increase consumer awareness.

What do you want to pay for?

Science, research and clean products OR advertising?

That´s the difference between a brand that choose to invest in good ingredients compared to many brands that invest in commercials and less in the product.

The odds of finding High quality products increases when you choose to buy from an MLM company. The challenge for you is to choose a reliable company in this industry.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kram från Feelgoodtanten


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